Digital Portfolio

Thank you for visiting my online professional portfolio.

Working as an Instructional Leader in the Teaching and Learning with Technology Department and as a teacher with a strong commitment to student learning and achievement through the integration of technology at the Toronto District School Board (TDSB), I have come to see the significant impact innovative programs and practices can have on quality student learning and student success.

Throughout this site, I will highlight a few of the ways I am making a difference in teaching and learning using digital tools in the classroom, school, and district. I believe that by collaborating, sharing, and reflecting on our work in the classroom, school, district and province, that we can modernize and transform learning for students.

I have organized my portfolio into three sections:


Here I will share examples of projects I have designed, developed and implemented in collaboration with colleagues or my professional learning network.


Here I will share examples of projects that I have supported, guided, and facilitated to support student learning within the classroom, school, and district. 

Life Long Learning

Here I will share my personal reflections on the work and projects I am involved in and how they impact my personal learning and professional growth.


I am excited to share this journey of learning and teaching with you.