Let’s Get it Started #TryOneThing

I thoroughly enjoy speaking at conferences - but often I wonder if I personally learn more preparing for my session then the actual session participants do. I'm not sure if this is it because of my presentation style, or because of the structure of the conference and the sessions, or because participants don't necessarily choose sessions that are best suited for them, or if session descriptions don't accurately describe what participants will experience (perhaps a topic for my next post).


#TryOneThing Julie's Blog at JulieMillan.caBut I do know that my conference sessions are packed with information, resources, ideas - and so I know they can be overwhelming at times. This is deliberate - I do have a particular audience member and learner in mind when I prepare my session. But it was at a BringIT Conference a few years ago, that I suggested to my audience that they #TryOneThing when they left my session. What could they do tomorrow in their classes with their students?

#TryOneThing Julie's Blog at JulieMillan.ca

 At the time, I did not realize the impact this statement would have - both on the people in the room, and on my approach to speaking at conferences. It was a teacher, Rolland Chidiac, who blogged about his experience in my session that really made a significant impact on me. I realized that this small phrase did actually help teachers select and focus on accomplishing one, manageable task from my session (after all, I want what I'm sharing to quickly filter down
into the classroom and have a direct impact on student learning).
 In this blog post, however, I am taking my own challenge. It is time for me to personally #TryOneThing - and in this case, it's to blog or write about some of my favourite teaching moments, to share a highlight of a teaching experience, or a reflection of learning.


I am inspired by colleagues such as Rolland Chidiac, my friend Diana Maliszewski (who blogs at Monday Molly Musings), and Sylvia Duckwork who as also recently started a blog at SylviaDuckworth.com! I am excited to learn from their example as I write and reflect and #TryOneThing myself. I am excited (and perhaps even a little nervous) to share my learning journey with you.
 image credit: Pixabay