Google Slides with Interactivity

More than a Presentation Tool: Using Google Slides with Interactivity

Session Description

Did you know that you can do so much more than just create a presentation with Google Slides? In this session we will explore basic features (commenting, images, themes), as well as some of the advanced tools of Google Slides (interactivity, embedding). We’ll discuss how to use Google Slides for both student and teacher creation. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced user, let’s take some time to learn, tinker and get started using Google Slides. Please note, this is not a “How To” session. Instead, this session is intended to inspire, motivate, and provide a range of ideas and uses for Google Slides.

Examples & Templates

Index Card Template

EQAO Practice: 5 Marbles in 2 Pockets

Frayer Model: Decimals (Created by: Lisa M. Nowakowski @NowaTechie)

Navigation Templates: Tabbed Slides (Created by Kellie Ady)

Learning Log Example (Created by @StantonShelly)

My Student Led Conference Template (Created by Shaun Kirkwood @shaunyk)

Programming & Coding in Schools: Crowdsourced Presentation (Created by Julie Millan @jsm2272)

Interactive Frayer Model (Created by Julie Millan @jsm2272)

Life Cycle of a Butterfly (Created by Meredith Martin @geekyteach)

Choose Your Own Adventure (Created by Rhonda Luetje @RhondaLuetje)

Jeopardy Game Template (Created by Eric Curts @ericcurts)

Google Slides for Stories, Quizzes, and Games (Created by Eric Curts @ericcurts)

Virtual Museum Template  (Created by David Lee

Create Comic Strips Using Google Slides (Created by Eric Curts @ericcurts)

Video: Never Give Up – Stop Motion Animation Video (Created by Kim Pollishuke @kimpollishuke)

The Water Cycle – Animation (Created by Rhonda Luetje @RhondaLuetje)

HyperDocs by Lisa Highfill (@lhighfill)


Video: Google Slides Tutorial – Creating an Interactive Presentation

Video: Google Slides Tutorial –  Creating a PDF (E-Book)

Video: How to Make an Animated Gif

Video: Narration Over Google Slides

Working with Templates

10 Easy Steps: Creating Presentation Templates in Google Slides (Alice Keeler)

Free Google Slide Templates

Slides Carnival

Free Google Slides Templates

Slide Model