Inquiry & the Virtual Library

Offered by: Emilia Hwang-Kim, Julie Millan, Steve Westwood, Deborah Zamin and Melissa Seco

The TDSB Virtual Library is an amazing resource for all students and staff in the TDSB. This session is designed to provide an overview of the TDSB

Virtual Library and how it can be used to support Inquiry in your classrooms.

Watch this Video for an overview of how to access the TDSB Virtual Library.

Day One – Thinking About Inquiry & the Virtual Library

Please used this Google Document to capture our thinking for the day.

Day Two – Going Deeper with Inquiry & the Virtual Library

We used a “Junk Drawer” for provocation. And the question organizer: Think Deep: Different Types of Questions to help organize our questions. We then debriefed both the strategy & the question organizer.

As we explored the Virtual Library, we used the graphic organizer Muddy/Marvy Moments in a Google Doc to share our reflections.

Exit Card: Please contribute to this Padlet to share your Learning Highlights

Day Three – A Day of Sharing

Evidence of Impact

Click HERE to see a summary of the participants reflections on their understanding and use of Inquiry and the Virtual Library.