I Have iPads. What Now?

In this 3-Day Professional Learning Series, we will investigate ways to integrate iPads into the curriculum. We will share ideas and think critically about the apps we are using with our students.

Day 1

Mind’s On: One Word

To get our minds active, I challenged the participants to consider just One Word to describe their feelings about Technology in Education. They then used PhotoBooth and Skitch to annotate their One Word onto their Image.


  Screenshot 2015-01-20 10.37.42 Screenshot 2015-01-20 10.37.51Screenshot 2015-01-20 10.41.03
There were some great words. A few examples included: Potential, Aughhh, Curious, Inseparable, Frustration, Creation.  We considered how we could take this activity and adapt it for their students. Some ideas included: Goal Setting, French or Math Vocabulary, or an adaptation of the book, The Best Part of Me.
  20150116_110415 20150116_110432 20150116_110521

Action: Thinking Critically About Apps

For the next part of our session we broke into groups interested in learning about more apps in the classroom. After a brief highlight of some of the apps, teachers broke into groups to think critically about the apps. We used a placemat to guide our thinking and looked critically into some of the apps. Apps that were of particular interest included: Explain Everything, Aurasma, ChatterPix, Shadow Puppet Edu, Epic! and Book Creator.


  Screenshot 2015-01-20 10.54.50 20150116_104738 20150116_105750

Consolidation & Next Steps

For our final session together, teachers will be bringing back artifacts of student work. We want to share and discuss ideas for using iPads and apps in our classrooms. Teachers continued to reflect on their learning highlights and next steps using Padlet.

Made with Padlet

We Have iPads … Now What? Elementary PLC in WR10 – Day 2

January 16, 2015 was the second day of our Elementary iPad PLC at Withrow P.S. in the Toronto District School Board. Today was about exploring apps with a critical eye for how they can be used in our classrooms to support the curriculum while continuing to consider the SAMR model to push our integration of technology.

Day 3 – Time to Share